About this blog (Nehphen)


Welcome to Nehphen, my brain.
This post is being written first. There should be a delay before I start to post more than a couple other articles as I hope to have built several full posts before I begin regular posting. I have no aspirations of being a prolific poster, but I have had trouble engaging blogging before without using the ‘cache of new posts’ method.

I write this ahead of time to prepare and focus my intentions, and to allow others to find mistakes in my intention before I barrel on too far ahead.

I spend a lot of time on research and annotation when I do… well, most anything. There are a lot of things I want to do better, and I make a lot of mistakes. I wanted to change from learning and archiving to learning and sharing – and learning from those who share back.

This is not a single topic effort, but in general, I expect to focus on the following topics:

* Life Skills
I love learning things, and I am not real good at understanding other’s teachings. The result of this is that I spend a lot of time tearing into all the information I can find and rebuilding it for myself. There’s a chance this will never help another person — but rebuilding it to show to other people helps me understand more. And maybe someone talks to me about it, because I love talking about things. 😉

I have a lot of needs, so this is all over: Computing, Cars, Household, Yard, Social, Travel, etc. I have found Cannabis to be a tremendous aid for attention focus, anxiety management, depression, emotional expression, and capacity for understanding — so there will be related posts in the life and how-I-work capacity, but I do not plan to discuss Cannabis extensively itself. I expect these kinds of posts to be heavily involved, and intend to use visual documentation often.

* Computing
Computing since 1982 – I love it all. [or I hate it all, hard to tell sometimes.]. I spend a lot of time here and tend to try to provide friends & family I/T, so I expect posts about this. Computing to me is using a device to aid or improve in a task.

In addition to warning/security elements, I will often attempt a new activity and document it for others: Switching to all mobile device computing, setting up a VLOG station, build or repair my computers. While I enjoy gaming, I do not expect a great deal of posting about that aspect.

* How-I-work // Who I am
I focus on self-discovery frequently, and find that many things have no manuals or studies or blogs on the to help. I write to think more about things, and I very much hope to find others who enjoy dialogue about self and capacity and thought — and failures and pain and recovery and decay.

I may mention political moments in my life, but I intend to avoid reference to the politics of things, and just talk about things I am trying to understand.

* Companions – non-human
Although I don’t intend to turn my blog into a social photo network, I will be including quite a number of photo posts (cats/dogs/empty aquariums/full terrariums / whatever comes next!) One part problems & solutions, one part giddy furkid parent.

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